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There's this one chest Blanche can't get to; is that a bug? 

Right now I have managed to get stuck on every single plotline…

I can't cross the water, I can't climb the tree, and I can't find the last stone.

Hey, you can go down over the column on the right side. Have you checked there?

Yes, although I haven't found a way to get to that chest. I /think/ I've gone everywhere else. 

i think you can get that chest after activating all the stones (activate them with the spell) there are five stones in the forest: the one where you appear first, the second is very close on the second map, to the right. third in the next map you can go up on the left side, where the owls are, fourth after crossing the bridge, final one is on the big waterfall map, at the end of the path to the left. when you activate them all, the screen will shake and you will be able to continue with the path to the right side of the big waterfall

Even after activating the stones, I don't see a way to get to this chest.  

And thanks for playing!

Thanks for all the handholding. Now I just have to get Blanche and Furball home somehow.

With X you open the menu and you should be able to do some spells from there. For example, when trying to climb the frozen vines, you need to use fire spell first.

I should try MELTING the vines? Sure.  I haven't tried that yet. 

Huh. I just tried loading Ceres and those PC are frozen? Maybe I need a do-over. 

Hey, you're right, you have to freeze the vines. To climb the tree you need to activate the three fire stones, one is in the cave, another is next to the lake and there's one on top of the hills almost at the start of the map

for the desert path, you need to activate the three ice stones around to open the temple. after nuru is left alone, he has to go back and find boris to learn new magic, to activate the ice stones


If you go too far on that route before you try to burn the wood, when you come back, every single cave will freeze. That's why I was stuck!

Good to know, I'll have to make a few revisions.

I'm not sure how to get Nuru and Boris to the pillar with the hole BELOW the giant ice rink, but I am so annoyed with the ice I am skipping it. I feel like I probably missed a bunch of the ice temple but I'm not sure?

cuteness :3 and magic