RenJS GUI Builder

Hello everyone! I'm glad to make the announcement that the RenJS GUI Builder tool is available (as a beta), for creating RenJS GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces) in a visual manner.

What does this mean? When you want to make a game with RenJS, you need two big configuration files, GUI.yaml, and Setup.yaml. These files point to the game assets, and GUI.yaml in particular, contains all the information about the GUI: What menus there are and how they are composed, and the HUD (Head Up Display) configuration. 

Creating the GUI configuration file is probably the most annoying part of creating a new game, but since it defines the look and feel of the game, it's just as important as the story. 

With RenJS GUI Builder this process is much easier: Create the menus one by one by adding background, buttons and decoration images or animations, background music and even sfx when pressing the buttons. Same thing with the HUD, add a message box, a name box, choice and all the other components that will show as part of the game. You can visualize them immediately and retouch whatever you want. 

The best part? Save/Load pages with preview save slots! A feature many people have requested is now readily available.

The RenJS Quickstart (and Tutorial) current GUI is available for you to take a look at the different components and even use as a base for your own game after a few modifications.

Tutorials and documentation are coming soon, but I wanted to release it as soon as it was available to get early feedback and bug reports.

Go have a look!


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