Spritesheet animations and more!

RenJS is now updated with new features and a bit of an internal re-factoring.

What's new?

Spritesheet animations for CGs

CGs can be now animated as a spritesheet, along with the good old tweening. Check how it works here!

Fast look change

Change emotions and looks in every line! We like to see characters alive when talking, now it's easier and cleaner:

Instead of writing:

- show deuzi: happy
- deuzi says: It's true!
- show deuzi: normal
- deuzi says: With RenJS you can create the Visual Novel of your dreams.

You can do it like this:

- deuzi says happy: It's true!
- deuzi says normal: RenJS you can create the Visual Novel of your dreams.


Do you want to hide all characters at the same time, or close a scene by hiding all of the elements in the screen neatly? Now it's easier with the reserved words ALL and CHARACTERS.

- text: And just like that, everyone was gone!

Don't wait for the transitions

What happens when two characters leave together, when you enter a room and there's someone waiting for you there, or when a character leaves at the same time as another one comes?

In the old version of RenJS, you would have to first show or hide the first element, wait for the transition, and the do the action on the second element.

Sequential actions are not enough for every story, so now you can indicate when a show or a hide should start and then move immediately to the following action, and in most cases, this means that both actions will be executed in parallel. The word to indicate this is CONTINUE, meaning, you will continue after the action is started, not waiting for the transition to finish.

Show first character and hide the second:

- hide marco: WITH FADE
- liz says: Was that Marco who just left?

Show background and two characters at the same time:

- show bedroom: WITH FADE CONTINUE
- show deuzi: angry WITH FADE AT RIGHT CONTINUE
- show jair: angry WITH FADE AT LEFT
- deuzi says: Where were you? We've been looking for you everywhere!

And any combination you can think!

Report the bugs, please!

Both the Quickstart and the Tutorial game are updated with these new features (you can see some of them in action by playing the Tutorial)! If you find any bug, please report it in the forum and I'll fix it as soon as possible. 

Thank you all!


RenJSTutorial1.2.zip Play in browser
Jul 08, 2019


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Hello, is it possible to use animated backgrounds with this? I am probably stupid but I can't get it to work. I'm currently setting out to build a large project and I'd love to use this over RenPy for the HTML5/crossplatform aspect but I'll use a lot of full-screen animations. 


Hello, the new spritesheet animation for now is only for cgs. You want animated backgrounds, meaning a looping image while the characters and the rest of the story keeps playing in the foreground? I invite you to post in the renjs forum (https://lunafromthemoon.itch.io/renjs/community) with a clearer description of what you need, and we can try to find a solution. I hope you do use it. Cheers!


Thanks for this.